QuestionWhat is vacation rental?

AnswerIt is a system that offers rental of furnished room for a short term. There is neither a bed making servce nor towels exchange but we have washing machine with dryer. It is necessary to do the cleaning and the waste disposal by yourselff. The maximum benefit is that the vacation rental rooms allow visitors to experience an authentic Japanese lifestyle and the room can be freely used.
It is considerably more economical than hotels or inns the travel agent arranges.

QuestionHow is it different from Hotels?

AnswerThere is neither a reception desk nor room service in the vacation rental rooms, but we have kitchen and kitchen tools in the room.

QuestionWhen is the check-in time and the check-out time?

AnswerNormal check-in time from 3:00pm, check-out time until 12:00pm.
*If check-in time of next guest is late, we can arrange the check-out time flexibly.
*We are sorry we cannot come to give you room keys after 9:30pm. (SACHI,HANA,ICHIGO,SATO)
In this case, you need to stay another place at that night, and check-in the next morning, sorry.

QuestionIs it possible to have an early check-in?

AnswerYes. If you want to use the room soon, after arriving, I advise you to take an early check-in. The usual check-in time is 15:00. However, the room can be used from 8:00a.m, when there is no customer who was staying the day before.
Please let us know your check-in time.

QuestionIs it possible to have a late check-out?

AnswerYes. If you want to use the room after 12:00P.M, I advise you to take an late check-out. The usual check-out time is 12 :00. However, the room can be used by 18:00, when there is no customer who will stay.
Please let us know your check-out time.

QuestionIs the cleaning cost necessary?

AnswerWe need the cleaning fee. This charge is cost of cleaning the room for the following customer. Please pay the cleaning cost and the room rent when you reserve it.

QuestionWhere is the key received?

AnswerI would like to meet to give you our room key on your arrival day. When you have already reserved the fligt, please send me the reservation confirmation file. (*I sent you the reservation confirmation file by e-mail).

QuestionAre there any supermarkets near Vacation rental rooms?

AnswerEvery vacation room is very convenient. There are supermarkets and restaurants around the room.

QuestionAre the towel and the sheet prepared?

AnswerBath towels and face towels are provided per person. The bed making is done. There is no housemaid service. The customer needs to do washing and the bed making while staying.

QuestionAre there amenities available?

AnswerWe provide shampoo, hair conditioner and body shampoo.

QuestionCan I smoke indoors?

AnswerEach vacation room is NON-SMOKING. We will not allow smoking at all.

QuestionCan I use the phone?

AnswerSorry, we don't provide a phone. Please use a cell phone.  

QuestionDo you have car parking space ?

AnswerNo, we don't. But there is public parking near the vacation rental room.

QuestionHow to get to Vacation reantal rooms?

Answer Train or bus. Please check the Train schedule.

QuestionDo you accept credit cards ?

AnswerWe accept credit cards by PayPal.
What is PayPal ?

QuestionHow is garbage thrown away?

AnswerPlease put out garbage on the morning of the collection day. Please separate the garbage.
* Burnable garbage (Garbage that can be burned, such as plastic, rubber, leather, paper, kitchen scraps, disposable diapers and sanitary napkins) * Unburnable garbage(Garbage that should not be burned, such as glass and metals ) * Recycle garbage(Garbage such as cans and plastic bottles )

Last Update 2017/1/27